When will you have something available?
We require current residents to provide a 30-day written notice before moving; therefore, the best time to inquire about availability is the first of the month, for availability expected the following month. Please stop by the office and fill out an Information Card.

What are the application requirements?
We complete a national background check and credit check. We also require three written letters of professional references.  Those convicted of felonies will not qualify.  We require a minimum two-year credit history and do not accept co-signers.  The fee for this process is $40, non-refundable.

What kind of credit is needed?
A comprehensive credit check through the major credit bureaus will be completed during the application process.  We require a minimum two-year credit history and do not accept co-signers.  To be approved, the credit report must show good to excellent credit.  Credit histories showing late payments, collections or delinquent accounts, public records or garnishments, evictions, or an overwhelming debt to income ratio, or have no accounts showing , will not qualify.

What happens if I break my lease early?
We require a lease buy-out for any resident unable to fulfill the length of their lease terms.

Do you accept payments at move-in for the rent and deposit?  How much will it cost to move in?
At the time of move-in, payment in full is expected for the deposit and rent.

I have been waiting for a long time for an apartment; will one ever be available?
We have tenants who have been renting at our complex for over 20 years.  There is no guarantee of anything coming available within the time frame you need, but you are always welcome to stop at the office and leave your information.

What happens if I complete an application, then no longer want the apartment?
Your $40 application fee is forfeited.  If you have already rented an apartment and entered into a lease, you will need to buy-out your lease.

Do garages come with each apartment?
No.  Garages are offered separately to residents interested in renting one for an additional monthly fee.  Our garages are not recommended for storage of personal belongings other than a vehicle.

How much are the utilities?
We do not provide averages of the two utilities you pay.  It will depend on the size of apartment and your individual comfort level.  Similarly, we cannot tell you if Rocky Mountain Power and SourceGas will require a deposit from you to begin your service.  You will have to contact those companies directly.  No utility payments are accepted through the office.